Asarco smokestacks a TALL story

Dated: December 6 2012

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Alas, another old El Paso landmark will be no more than just a pile of bricks and concrete to be hauled away. Like the saying goes the only constant is change. Even though the stack was the tallest stack up to 1967 it is no longer the tallest stack illustrated by the list below thanks to Wikipedia. The thing is the stack is part of El Paso. Heck, now your not going to know how huge the stack really was as it regally stretched to the skys and stood there so high in the glow of the western sunsets.   When you came around the downtown I-10 there they were and you knew you were close to your destination on the westside of town or halfway if you were going East. I travel I-10 and look at the gapping hole in the side of the 828 foot stack and the smaller smelter stack and I think that could probably be used for something a brewery, the stack night club district, something distinct for such an old icon instead of the defeat of demolition. You will be missed by many a passer by and hopefully after the remediation of the site is finished maybe just maybe we will put in a smaller replica, a park, or a maybe a mueseum or something spectacular. I guess you'll have to go to Midland/Odessa to see the oil museum and the huge oil derricks or the wind generator fields in East Texas. Either way get the phones and videos out and take the last shots before the stacks are no more. 

Held recordName and LocationCompletedHeight (m)Height (ft)Notes
 1820  1835 Chimney of North Lotts Glass Bottle Company, Dublin, Ireland[1]  1820 30 95  
 1835  1842 Adams' Soap Works Chimney, Smethwick, Birmingham, England, UK[1]  Sep–Oct 1836 97.5 312  
 1842  1859 Tennant's Stalk, Glasgow, Scotland, UK[1]  29 June 1842 132.7 435.5 Destroyed by lightning in 1922
 1859  1889 Port Dundas Townsend Chimney, Glasgow, Scotland, UK[1]  6 October 1859 138.4 454  
 1889  1908 Halsbrücker EsseHalsbrücke, Germany  28 October 1889 140 459  
 1908  1914 The Big Stack, Great Falls, Montana, USA  23 November 1908 154.8 508  
 1914  1916 Hitachi Smelter and Refinery Stack, Hitachi, Ibaraki, Japan[2]  13 March 1914 155.7 511 Partially collapsed in 1993
 1916  1917 Saganoseki Smelter and Refinery First Stack, Saganoseki, Ōita, Japan[3]  November 1916 167.6 550 To be demolished in 2012-2013
 1917  1919 Ruston Smelter Stack, Ruston, Washington, USA  1917 174.0 571  
 1919  1962 Anaconda Smelter StackAnaconda, Montana, USA  5 May 1919 178.3 585 Tallest chimney built of bricks
 1962  1967 Chimney of Schilling Power StationStade, Germany  1962 220 722  
 1967  1967 Chimney of American Smelting and Refining CoEl Paso, Texas, USA[4]  30 January 1967 252.5 828  
 1967  1968 Chimney of Lippendorf Power StationNeukieritzsch, Germany  1967 300 984 Demolished in 2005
 1968  1971 Chimney of Mitchell Power PlantMoundsville, West Virginia, USA[5][6]  26 October 1968 367.6 1206  
 1971  1987 Inco SuperstackCopper Cliff, Ontario, Canada  1971 380 1247  
 1987   GRES-2 Power StationEkibastuszKazakhstan  1987 419.7 1377

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