Credit Repair Scares

Dated: March 8 2016

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It is no surprise that many El Pasoans are credit challenged. According to WalletHub, El Paso came in at 2,032 of 2,570 U.S. cities ranked for their average credit score. (That score, being 646.29.) When it comes to homebuying, that credit score makes or breaks buyers. So, most then turn to seek help from credit repair specialists.

The news I have heard recently from prospective buyers saddens me. Just in the last two weeks, I have met 5 buyers who trusted their money with so-called credit repair experts, who then turned around and ran off, never to be heard from again. Now these El Pasoans are not only without the credit score they need to provide a home for their families, but without hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

While you can attempt to fix your credit yourself, many don't either have the time or know who to call.

How to find a reputable credit repair specialist!


1. All credit repair specialists, called CSO's (credit service organizations) MUST register with the Texas Secretary of State's office.

2. All credit service organizations MUST be bonded with a surety company.

3. There are only 5 credit repair companies actually registered with the Texas Secretary of State in El Paso, and have active bond status.

Here are all of their names and contact information for your benefit! Once you get that credit score up (many buyers can get loans with scores as low as 580!), give me a call so we can start searching for your forever home!

Name: Texas Consumer Credit & Financial Advisors, LLC
Contact: Edward Araujo
Location: 221 N. Kansas Street, Suite 700, El Paso, TX 79901
Phone Number: (915) 201-2604
File Number: 20140026
Status: Renewal
Expires: 3/10/2016
Account Bond: 10009468
Surety Company: American Safety Casualty Insurance Company
Name: CSEP, LLC dba Credit Services of El Paso
Contact: Rousana Fernandez
Location: 6416 Gateway East, El Paso, TX 79905
Phone Number: (915) 595-1111
File Number: 20120007
Status: Renewal
Expires: 2/12/2016
Account Bond: PB11511001355
Surety Company: Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company
Name: True Success, LLC d.b.a. True Credit Solutions
Contact: Roberto Gomez
Location: 6999 Montana Ste B, El Paso, TX 79925
Phone Number: (915) 778-2300
File Number: 20110016
Status: Renewal
Expires: 2/6/2017
Account Bond: 57BSBFX6794
Name: Gonzalez Consulting Group DBA Credit Boosters
Contact: Oscar Gonzalez
Location: 7505 Kingman Drive, El Paso, TX 79915
Phone Number: (915) 449-6178
File Number: 20150075
Status: Initial Registration
Expires: 8/11/2016
Account Bond: 100281993
Surety Company: Texas Bonding Company
Name: Premier Tax & Financial Services
Contact: Jesus Satarain
Location: 1613 N Zaragoza, Ste. 107 El Paso, TX 79936
Phone Number: (915) 849-1997
File Number: 20120110
Status: Renewal
Expires: 12/17/2016
Account Bond: 203204

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