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Dated: July 10 2017

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I'm sure your wondering,  What  Is Feng Shui ? 

Feng Shui  is the practice of balancing the energies of any given space. it is an ancient art and science developed in China 3,000 years ago.  It's name Feng (Fung) (wind) and Shui (water) balances the energies of yin and yang. It is used to assure good fortune and well being for the people inhabiting the space.

It is believed that, good fortune came  in many ways,  for example, better health, successful career, fulling love life, etc. for any area in one's life. Feng Shui  has basic rules and can be complex the more deeply you go into the practice. 

There are many trains of thought on the principles of Feng Shui. There are many blogs, websites, consultants, even Interior Designers to help create your space. There  many "cures" available.  that can be applied to problem areas or missing bagua areas, to enhance the space. Bamboo plants, air purifying plants, fish, fountains, wind chimes and the like, are all considered Feng Shui cures. Feng Shui is simplicity, it's less to create more. The Chi is the flowing energy through out your home, the more space the Chi has to flow, the more balance it creates in the space. Simple right?

There are several ways to apply Feng Shui, here are just  some of the basic's to get started on a more balanced and serene way of living.

Seven ways to create Feng Shui are..

And this one is the most important. Is to clear the clutter, get rid of everything you do not love or is broken,. Fix anything that is broken. 

Let in light and good air, to circulate fresh air or a air purifier. Get the Chi flowing.

Define your Bagua map of your space, Be it office, home, garden.  There is two schools of Feng Shui, Classical and  Western Bagua area.

Choosing one is more beneficial and creates a more harmonizing effect, then mixing the two.

Getting the basics of the 5 Feng Shui elements, fire, water, wood, earth, metal to create a balanced and vibrant energy. Applying all 5 elements in one space can create a balanced effect , Why? they all feed and nurture each other.

Finding your birth, Kua number and lucky directions nourish and support your energy.  Be mind ful of the energy in your home, and pay close attention to the trinity, the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, these are are connected to your health and kept happy and healthy. 

There are many trains of thought on Feng Shui, many blogs and websites, you can find information, it is also a complex principle as you enter more deeply into it.  There are also some Feng Shui cures that can be applied to problem ares and to enhance a space. such a a bamboo plant, or if you like fish,There are also places to find these cures, But it's anything that really specks to you is what's important. it's best to stay simple and get used to the basics.

Mastering these basic principles can set your home on a prosperous, healthy road to well being for your family. It's a fun and enjoying process once you start, and you can feel the vibrant energy charging your space.

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