El Paso Is Very Talented

Dated: August 30 2012

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This is to all realtors! El Paso is a culture rich city that has been known to produce or be home to some very notable musicians, artists and actors. Even though El Paso is at the western most tip of Texas, the people here share a culture like no other community of its kind. Art iniciatives are sprouting throughout El Paso beautifying it even more so and what most people don't know is that this city will be a lot different in the next 3-5 years or so (but that's another topic in itself). We, the people of El Paso adhere to our own way of speaking or dialect as some of you scholars might call it. We make our food very different, we believe things to be a certain way, we ahere to different traditions than any other Mexcian-American dominated community. Non-the-less we are beautiful and the people that were born and raised here who fail to see that, are just ashamed of who they are. We are El Paso and once you come here you will never forget us. 

Here are some local musicians that need your help. Check them out!!


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