How Long Will It Take My Home To Sell

Dated: October 9 2015

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There is one question every home owner has when it comes down to selling their property, how long will it sit on the market? This is very important and can strongly effect the ultimate selling price of your home. Here are a few tips to make sure that your home sells faster than the average home in your area. 

1) GET YOUR HOME READY. Make sure your home is ready when you list it for sale. I know how it is, you just want to get it for sale as soon as possible, but that is not always the best idea. Stage your home. Get ride of all the clutter, open up the spaces (you may even need to move the extra furniture out of your home.) Touch up paint and clean your carpets. Remember you are also competing against new homes. Lastly, make sure your yard is in good shape. Pull weeds, edge plant a few flowers, do whatever you need to do to make your home look appealing from the outside. That's the first glance people get of your home, make it inviting. 

2) PRICE. Make sure your Realtor is doing a "Comparative Market Analysis" on your home. If at any time your Realtor asks you "So what do you feel the price of your home should be?" RUN! The agent should KNOW the price. This is what you are hiring them for! The way that I price a home is by taking the homes that have sold in the immediate area in the last 6 months and adjusting these prices based upon square footage, lot size, and the features of the home. If your agent is well educated and shows you proof of why your home should be priced this way, I suggest you listen to you Realtor.

I know it is hard to hear when your home is being priced under what you believe the price should be but here is the deal, the longer your home is on the market, the less of a chance it will sell full price. The first question buyers ask me is "How long has this home been on the market?" They want to know if they can put in a low offer.

3) COMMUNICATION. Make sure that your Realtor is communicating with you. You also need to prepare yourself for harsh truths. I know you have a sentimental attachment to your home, but the potential buyers have not made the memories you have in your home. The only thing that matters to them is the price. You need an agent that will be truthful when relaying reviews on your home. Every month the market needs to be evaluated to make sure that your homes price is still competitive. If it is still on the market after 45 days, the price needs to be reduced.  


4) MARKETING STRATEGY. If you ask your Realtor what their strategy is and their response goes something like "Well, I put a sign in your yard and enter you listing into the MLS and then people call." RUN! This is what sets me apart from almost every other Realtor I know. I HAVE A MARKETING STRATEGY. On our first meeting I will outline what I would like to do for you. When it comes time to list your home and start the process I will again sit down and nail down exactly what you should expect from me. MAKE SURE YOUR REALTOR DOES THIS. 

If you would like this kind of attention when selling your home sit down with me. The El Paso market is ever changing and your Realtor needs to be up to date on the activity in your area. Call me today. 915-996-7838. My name is Alyssa Herrmann and I want to be YOUR REALTOR!

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