How To Choose A Real Estate Agent

Dated: March 16 2015

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When it comes to choosing an agent where do you start? For most home owners that is where the problem starts. Not all agents are the same. Actually most are. 

They come to your house and tell you the same thing. They ask you how much you want to price your home for. Honestly nine out of ten people think their home is worth more than it actually is. Then they say "OK! Sign here!" After this they put a sign in your yard and enter your home into the MLS. After this their marketing strategy is to pray, and don't forget home. They hope that another agent will sell your home. If you are lucky you may get an open house or two, but the open house most likely will not be advertised. 

 Most likely you go ahead and sign the papers before you interview any more agents. Hopefully you meet me before you do, because what I do is different. VERY different.

I will do a market analysis to see what you home is worth in the current market. I won't price it too low. I will price it to sell. Most homes on the market today are listed t least 5% too high. After one price drop the chance you will get full asking price is very very very low. All it shows is that you are getting desperate. The key is to price it right the first time. After I price your home I will show you what your homes website will look like. YES! Your home will have it's own website and its own online magazine. I will Also put up a sign in front of your home with a code they can text to have a link sent to them with a virtual tour of your home. I will still put flyers our front but WOW! Instead of three pictures they can see a video of your home while a beautiful description is being read to them. This will then give me the viewers information so I can instantly offer to show them your home! Your homes online presence will be outstanding. Social Media along with 35 other sites will be listing your home. I will send Just Listed mailers out to a selected market that may be interested in viewing your home, and also host advertised open houses. 

Did your last agent do all of this for you? Most likely your are shaking your head. Call me today and LET ME SELL YOUR HOME!

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