I Aint Afraid Of No Ghosts

Dated: March 28 2015

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Are you easily frighted? Do things that go bump in the night make you hide your head under the covers?

If so then you may wan to skip these events and find a nice friendly movie to rent from the Redbox.

If you aren't afraid, if you like a little adventure in your life then you may want to check out one of the tours taking place tonight in Downtown El Paso. Starting at 8:30 pm you can attend either the Downtown El Paso Ghost tour or the Haunted Brothel Tour.

The Downtown Ghost Tour is a two hour walking tour that explores the Old West of downtown. Visit the former Law Offices of John Wesley Hardin, The Hotel Gardener and more. The El Paso Ghost Tour's website does not promise an encounter with any spirits (and guests that have had too many spirits are not allowed) they offer to lead you through places where they have experienced what they believe to be paranormal events.

The Haunted Brothel Tour is for adults only (We wouldn't want any young uns to see any ghostly shenanigans now would we?) This tour also starts at 8:30 pm and like the downtown tour is a 2 hour walking tour. Explore the history of some of the seedier side of Old El Paso.

For both tours wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Bring flashlights, cameras, proton pack or containment unit. The PKE (Psycho Kinetic Energy) Meters have been charged up and are ready for use.

Tours begin from the headquarters of the El paso Paranormal Society at 108 E Yandell and cost $15.

Have a great time and remember, for all your normal real estate needs in El Paso, give me a call at 915-329-5868

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