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Dated: February 12 2015

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There are over 1700 Realtors in the El Paso, TX area, so why should you choose me? Choosing a Realtor is such a difficult thing to do. Most people think that all Realtors are the same. We all take a few pictures, put them on the MLS then put a sign in your yard. For the most part you are right. Most agents do exactly that. The do those things then sit and wait, just hoping that someone drives by and wants to see that house. 

Thank good I am not "most Realtors." I am Alyssa Herrmann, and

I will take pictures. To be exact I will take 25 pictures. Why 25? Because that is the most I can post into the MLS. I won't be taking these pictures with my cell phone either. I will take them with a quality camera. Then I will put your home on the MLS and put a sign in your yard. I don't stop here and just start hoping and praying someone calls on your home. This is where the work really begins. I use a service called e-listings. Your home with have its own website along with a number posted outside of your home that they can text to view a virtual tour right there. INSTANTLY! This sends their phone number to me so that I can call and see if the buyer would like to tour your home. That one website I just mentioned is not the only website that it is featured on. Your home will be featured on over 35 websites! I will then host open houses and have a Realtor open house. This is an open house only for other Realtors to come and evaluate price and other aspects of your home. 

Your Image titlehome will be my TOP priority! Selling homes is what I do and what I love. Let me sell yours today!

Email me directly at alyssa@exitrealtyelp.com, or call me at 915-996-7838.

Alyssa Herrmann

Exit West Realty


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