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Quickly Transform Your Kids Room Into A Guest Retreat This Holiday Season

Dated: December 10 2013

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Quickly Transform Your Kids’ Room into a Guest Retreat This Holiday Season

From pumpkin pie to poinsettias, turkey to tinsel -- the busy holiday season is upon us once again. Unless you're lucky enough to have your entire family nearby, you're likely playing host to a few holiday guests. Between all the shopping, party planning and everyday tasks, how can you find the time to prepare your home for holiday visitors?
"Transforming your kids’ bedroom into the ultimate guest room may seem like a huge undertaking -- especially during the busy holiday season," says Brenda Dillon, VP of Merchandising for Ashley Furniture. "But there are plenty of simple ways to add inexpensive designer touches, while creating a warm, homey guest room that family and friends are sure to appreciate."
Below are five guest room ideas that will quickly turn your child’s room into a cozy, welcoming guest bedroom:
Clear out the kiddy stuff. Whether it's that hot pink fuzzy lamp or pile of stuffed animals on the floor, it's got to go. Grab a large box and get to work. Clear off dressers, desks, nightstands and all surfaces leaving them as bare as possible. If there are posters or kid-friendly pictures on the wall, take them down as well. Any shelving should be cleared and prepped for guest storage. After the room is down to the bare bones (just furniture left), do a little vacuuming and cleaning to get it in tip-top shape.
Give them plenty of extra room. Leave guests enough space for clothes by emptying all the drawers in at least one chest or dresser (or all, if possible). Remove as many clothes from the closet as you can and add some matching hangers on one side. This will help designate a spot for your guests. Adding a few decorative hooks on a wall or on the backs of doors will also give them a place to put towels, clothes, handbags and other items.
Bring on the bedroom storage. If your child’s room is low on storage, consider a stylish bookcase for your guest room. It's not only a great place to leave magazines and books, it can also double as a storage unit, or a stand for a TV or mini fridge. If you have enough space, consider adding a comfy accent chair, chaise or recliner. This will give guests a place to read and relax without having to climb in bed. A decorative basket filled with a few favorite snacks, magazines and water bottles is also a nice little touch your family or friends will appreciate.
Give the bed a makeover. Make sure you switch out your child’s comforter for a more adult-friendly version and include fresh sheets and comfortable pillows. Top it all off with a few decorative pillows and a colorful throw to add style and texture.
Add a few tasteful accessories. Now that the room is stripped of your child’s accessories, add some new stylish pieces like a pretty vase with fresh flowers, a reading lamp, throw rug, candles and some wall art. Fill a decorative frame with a favorite picture of you and your guests for a personal touch.

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