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Dated: October 1 2014

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My in-laws have been undergoing some major renovations in their Las Cruces, Mid Century home. Most recently they converted their old evaporative cooler to refrigerated air. That change got rid of old ductwork and allowed us to raise the ceiling and install some solar tubes.  Since I am such a renovation addict, I have been chomping at the bit trying my hardest to be involved and get my reno fix. My wishes were answered this past weekend when we bought over 700 square feet of solid hardwood floors for their house. Now it would seem I have my work cut out for me installing the floors for them.
But it also got me thinking about flooring choices and how they change in popularity regionally. As a Realtor I get to see a lot of houses and here in El Paso there is no doubt stone, tile and carpet are the most popular. This is similar to other warm climates I have lived in such as Central Florida. Let’s face it tile is easy to clean, easy to care for and cool on hot days. Carpet is soft on the feet, which makes it great for bedrooms but it an take a beating and how wear easily.
Increasingly around here I have been seeing houses with laminate floors, these are mostly homes that have been remodeled or upgraded by the owners. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if the floor is real wood or laminate. Laminate has come a long way and is an economical choice. It is easy to put down, easy, to clean, cool on the feet in the host desert and looks like wood.
So what about Hardwood? Really the only time I have seen it is in the older homes. Not even some much in the more luxury homes here. Which is bewildering for me since I am used to seeing hardwood as the first choice in flooring in the North East. That is where my in-laws fell in love with it after their trip to visit us in Philadelphia and their other son in Montreal. Even Florida with all its humidity seems to have been favoring hardwood more recently. So what is it with hardwood here in El Paso? Why hasn’t it become as popular as in other areas of the country and do you think it is ever going to become a common feature in homes?

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