Why You Need A Real Estate Professional

Dated: November 4 2013

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Selling a home requires a great deal of information and resources, especially if you want to get top dollar. Hiring a real estate professional helps the entire process go smoothly and provides you with the most valuable resource you can have. As such, here are key areas where a real estate professional earns their commission:

When pricing your home, it is extremely important that the price not be set too high or low. Undervaluing or overpricing can slow down or impede the sale of a home. Real estate professionals have access to neighborhood information and pricing trends and they are experienced in the home selling process.
When you first list your home for sale, your agent has the skill and experience to recommend repairs and cosmetic work that will help enhance your home's appearance and marketability.
Next, your agent will advertise your property. Most buyers go to the Internet first when searching for a home so that will be a big focus. A real estate professional will also provide exposure to other industry professionals and the public. It has been shown that many home sales come about as a result of previous relations with a client and client referrals.
It is important that there is not an overexposure, too. This may cause buyers to see the property as distressed or to assume that the seller is desperate.
When selling your house, your agent will ensure that home showings are supervised. Buyers must go through your agent to schedule a showing, thus being prescreened. This gives you time to prepare your house and gives you a peace of mind knowing that buyers are chaperoned in your home.
Your real estate agent acts as an objective middle-person. They are perceived as unbiased professionals, and buyers often feel more comfortable negotiating with them. Your agent will help with your initial agreement by writing a legally binding contract to have both parties sign. Then, they guide you through the processes of appraisals, financing and home inspections - all necessary to complete the sale of a home.

Monitoring, Renegotiating, Closing/Settling
There are many steps involved between a sales agreement and the closing or settlement of a sale. An agent has many industry contacts who can be used every step of the way. Your agent will help you navigate through the steps and complete required paperwork. They ensure that as issues arise, problems get resolved and the intimidating amounts of paperwork get completed accurately.
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